How we work


The Condra School recognizes that each child learns differently. Our goal is to treat children as individuals with a focus on developing excellent reading and critical thinking skills -- and expanding creativity. The school will tailors education to the individual student.


The Condra School provides instruction designed to expand working memory, multisensory instruction, project based learning, intensive reading instruction, and small group instruction. Very little instruction is through lecture and children engage in more unstructured play during the day. Every child receives intensive reading instruction based on Orton Gillingham and Scottish Rite methods. This is a free charter school open to every child in Lubbock County with lottery system admission. Additionally, the school is collaborating with WTAMU to develop a living laboratory to help children nationwide.


The Condra School is open to all children. However, because our school specializes in small group instruction tailored to the needs of each child, The Condra School is particularly well suited for those children who struggle with language-based learning differences such as Dyslexia, and/or ADHD, and/or with Executive Functioning.