The Condra Approach

The Condra School focuses on providing a supportive and positive educational experience for ALL students.

The Contra School utilizes several different Dyslexia interventions. We have teachers trained in the Scottish Rite Take Flight Program, the Wilson Program, and Reading By Design. We find that not every child will respond to any specific intervention or therapy. Condra focuses on the five components of effective reading instruction. Those components include phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and reading comprehension.

All subjects focus on multi-sensory instruction. Because each child learns differently, this approach is beneficial to ALL students and particularly beneficial to students with Dyslexia and/or ADHD.

The particular curricula used differs by year and by child. Each child is different and has different needs. A child may be above grade level in one subject and below grade level in another. Using the Condra Approach, each child receives the instruction needed to fully realize his or her potential!

Unstructured play along with programs that emphasize creativity are part of each day. Every day includes two recess periods and opportunities for movement.

All programs align with TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills).